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Dec 30, 2012 9:00am PST
-called fiscal cliff. it's come down to a matter of hours. midnight tomorrow, everybody's taxes going up unless something happens in washington, d.c. hello to you all and welcome to weekends with alex witt. i'm t.j. holmes filling in for alex. a consequence of history in the nation's capital if congress cannot reach a compromise deal on tax and spending cuts. a short time ago, we were hearing from the president talking about the fiscal cliff negotiations. he spoke exclusively on "meet the press" and he had a message for congress. >> at minimum, make sure people's taxes don't go up and 2 million people don't lose their unemployment. i was modestly hopeful yesterday. now, the pressure is on congress to produce. >> the president responded to what would happen if no agreement is reached and the nation does fall over that cliff. >> if you look at projections of 2013, people generally felt that the economy would continue to grow, unemployment would tick down, housing would continue to improve, but what's been holding us back is the dysfunction here in washington. if people start seeing that on
Dec 29, 2012 4:00am PST
this saturday morning. >>> despite the fiscal cliff, president obama has ended the freeze on federal pay, only about .5%. and biden will see his pay go go up to $231,900. speaker boehner will make $224,600. that's $30,000 more than the pay of senate and house majority and minority leaders. those raises maybe good news for congress. but the rest of america won't be so happy when they see their paycheck next year. it's almost certain that the government will not extend the payroll tax holiday. that means a 2% tax increase for every last one of us. joining me is gerald bernstein, a senior fellow at the center of budget and policy priorities. get the title out. let's get to business. why are we not talking about this? talking about the cliff, but everybody's taxes going up with the payroll tax holiday. >>ith a great question, t.j. an important and underappreciated part of the fiscal cliff. the answer to the why is it really doesn't have any champions. when you hear the list of things people fighting for, estate tax, you hear the unemployment extension, things like that. you don't even he
Dec 29, 2012 9:00am PST
. holmes. now we want to look back at this looming fiscal cliff. with me now, someone all too familiar with these fiscal cliff negotiations, democrat congresswoman karen bass, a member of the budget committee. good morning to you. you are not quite in d.c. yet, but you are headed there soon. when you get there, though, what do you anticipate you're going to be doing? >> good morning, t.j. what i anticipate is going to happen is that the floor will be opening up on debate for a variety of bills. and frankly, in terms of the house we're going to be waiting for the senate to act. we do have other work to do. so i know that we're going to go in session and begin voting at 6:30 tomorrow evening. but i think the business is in the senate right now. so let's see what reid and mcconnell come up withed today >> i have been hearing some optimism this morning at least in relation to these two men, mcconnell and reid, veterans being able to get something through the senate. so there's some optimism they'll be able to come up with something. but the issue is now what happens in the house. where is your optimism in terms of whatever they send over to the house is going to be something that all of you all are going to be
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3